Why Should You Avoid Free Cloud Hosting Service

It is imperative to choose the best cloud hosting providers to ensure that your online business runs successfully. It is just as important as selecting the most suitable web hosting while developing a business website. There are several options for organizations when it comes to cloud hosting. However, it is not a good idea to go with the free ones.

Of course, a trial version of a premium service is alright, but there is no way a business should opt for free cloud hosting services. There are several reasons why it is dangerous, and security is one of the primary ones. While a low-cost or free option seems to be very attractive initially, it can ultimately cost you heaps if there is a problem.

Is cloud hosting the best?

Choosing the best cloud hosting providers can undoubtedly help in the smooth running of a business. However, there are reasons you must be aware of while choosing the one. Here is a list of points that will help you understand why it is not good to opt for free or cheap cloud hosting services, even for temporary storage requirements.

  • With cheap cloud hosting, the loading speed of a website is less than the minimum threshold.
  • You welcome a negative impact on your website ranking and SEO by choosing cheap cloud hosting services over premium ones.
  • There are continuous downtime/uptime problems
  • Security concerns are the primary reason why cheap or free cloud hosting is to be avoided.
  • Cheap cloud hosting providers do not want to address customer queries easily.

Who Needs Cloud hosting?

Considering the competition in the business sector, every organization should select the best cloud hosting providers irrespective of their size. Especially for medium and small organizations, it becomes difficult to manage everything manually due to a lower workforce. Having a cloud hosting benefit leads to a lesser workload on employees and zero room for error. Besides, knowing that all the data is in a secure space results in peaceful work culture leading to higher productivity. However, it is essential to be confident about the quality of cloud hosting services that an organization selects. Choosing cheap services is never a good option and may lead to security issues.

When should you use cloud hosting?

There is no specific timing when an organization should start using cloud hosting. It is best to opt for good cloud backup services from the initial stage of running a business. That way, you don’t have to stress about the recovery of essential data in case of accidental loss or damage. It also gives the business a competitive edge over others and helps to maintain its reputation amongst customers.


Free cloud hosting may seem like the most lucrative option at first, but it can cost a fortune in the long run. Instead, it’s better to look for the best cloud hosting providers, even if the investment is a little higher. QuantConnects offers high-quality cloud hosting services at the most affordable prices. So it’s now possible to keep your data security game strong without burning a hole in your pocket. QuantConnects services are almost flawless with 99.9% availability, scalability and excellent performance.

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