Why is the Cloud More Expensive than VPS Hosting?

If you’re running your website, eCommerce store, or even your personal blog, you’re probably thinking of upgrading your web hosting services to a cloud VPS and are probably wondering if you are making the right choice. Sure, it’s tempting to use your physical hardware or even a shared server or maybe a cheap cloud VPS hosting but as your site grows you need to be able to find a solution and a service provider that will grow along with your business and provide you a better investment and solution. Switching to a cloud hosting provider is definitely worth the money for any big or small business. Why? Let’s explain what cloud hosting provides and why more companies are switching to it and leaving VPS hosting behind.

Most brands look at the cloud and think that it is an expensive and unnecessary solution, but if you are growing your brand and looking for ways to better communicate, collaborate, or even store information safely and securely then here are some compelling reasons to pick a cloud hosting provider.

  • Dedicated resources

When you pick a shared or a VPS hosting your website is simply added to a pool of other websites that all reside on the same server and use the same tools and resources. This means that the hosting company can cut and save the costs as it can simply compute resources to the site that are experiencing high traffic – but this can leave you with slow performance and low computing power. On the other hand, a cheap cloud VPS hosting provides you with dedicated computing resources that are unique to your company, employees, and clients and not shared with any other sites this not only makes it more secure but you can pay only for what you use, scale your storage as per your needs and more. Most companies don’t mind paying a little extra for the cloud as long as their data is safe and secure.

  • Licensing costs

Again, when it comes to cloud hosting your service provider is not paying a server license for dozens or hundreds of websites but only yours so which makes it a bit on the costly side. Instead of just using an already-existing physical or virtual service, your cloud provider will spin up a new environment, resources, and data only for you which will cost you a lot less time and money in the long run.

  • Faster loading speed

With cloud hosting, you’ll notice that as compared to VPS hosting, your overall loading speed will be faster. This is because your site isn’t being shared between multiple sites and you’ll have your bandwidth and dedicated resources and computing power. Not only this but it will save you a lot since you don’t need to invest in hardware, hire an IT team, train them or even pay for space, power, and more – you can simply get high performance, security, a 24/7 dedicated customer care and more. Look at it as an investment that will pay off in the long run.

The bottom line

If you see cloud hosting as a long-term solution and something that you and your company can grow and develop with as well as keep your data safe and private then it’s best to invest it in as it’s worth every penny.

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