Why Choose Cheap Cloud Server Hosting Plans at QuantConnects?

Cloud server hosting enables your applications and websites to be accessible using cloud resources. Instead of a single dedicated or shared server, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts your websites and applications. Unlike with traditional server hosting, resources scale based on your needs and preferences. This means you will be paying for only what you are using.

Although there are a wide array of cloud hosting plans, platforms, and services, each of them is unique to the company. However, there are some common advantages that you can expect to enjoy while choosing a cloud server hosting plan from a reputable company – QuantConnects.

1. Higher Flexibility

While traditional hosting services offer limited resources and bandwidth, cloud server hosting can scale your resources and bandwidth based on the traffic and seasonal demands. Cloud technology allows you to create one or as many VPS machines as you need. If the loading speed of websites and applications matters to you a lot, the flexibility that cloud server hosting can offer is something you must focus on when choosing between dedicated and cloud hosting plans.

At QuantConnects, we offer Storage-as-a-Service for cloud hosting solutions that are billed only based on how much storage you use. You don’t have to pay a single penny more. Even if you need a solution from us that allows you to work on-premises as well as on the cloud, you can benefit from the flexibility that comes with our hybrid solution.

2. Better Security and Updating

When you have in-house physical servers, you will be responsible for all security concerns and updates. Keeping up with each of your security concerns and upgrades can be a great challenge. One mistake can lead to a huge loss in terms of compromised data and money.

Companies that have security breaches are often known to incur huge expense in terms of penalties, data loss, and even the reputation of their brand. However, you don’t have to think about all of this when you switch to a cloud server hosting provider.

QuantConnects takes full responsibility for protecting your data and ensures that all security measures are in place to tackle cyber threats. We can ensure that your organization is not vulnerable to downtime and data loss.

3. Better Collaboration Opportunity

If a part of your human resources works on the road or in a remote location, it becomes a necessity for your business that your remote employees can access required documents and data with ease. That’s quite possible and safer with a cloud hosting solution. A company can easily add its employees or team members to the business cloud so that they can have easy access to whatever documents, reports, or data they need regardless of their location.

You can trust QuantConnects with your data storage, security, and protection when it comes to allowing your remote employees to add to your business network. Besides, we also have in place effective solutions for data recovery.

If you are looking for cheap cloud server hosting plans without having to compromise with the service quality, QuantConnects is the leading service provider based in the US to join hands with.

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