What Are Different Types of AWS Cloud Hosting Solutions to Choose From?

When it comes to hosting a website, AWS cloud web hosting solutions are often recommended. With so many other options available in the market, it is important to be familiar with what a website owner is dealing with and paying for. No matter the type (marketing, rich media, or e-commerce), a website needs a secured, reliable, and affordable platform so that the website’s owner can protect its website content and site visitors from cyber threats without costing a fortune.

What Makes AWS Cloud Web Hosting Solutions Appealing?

More than 16,730,640 live websites are hosted using AWS by 2020. Though the majority of the user base consists of small and mid-size companies, 10% of the total users are enterprise-scale users. AWS is the preferred choice among world-renowned businesses, including Netflix, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn, Baidu, Adobe, Twitter, Time, Hertz, and the list goes on.

Here are a few simple reasons why so many small, medium, and big businesses place their trust in AWS cloud web hosting solutions:

  • One can use any Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • One can use any Software Development Kit (SDK), for instance, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc.
  • One can build a large audience because the data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) are spread worldwide.
  • One can have a data center or CDN in any location across the globe to host a website.
  • One can enjoy scalable infrastructure that can grow or shrink to meet the demands right from day one.
  • One will pay only for the resources that he/she uses. There is no need to commit to long-term contracts.

Types of Cloud Web Hosting Solutions Available with AWS

To meet the varied needs of different website owners, AWS offers cheap cloud web hosting solutions based on the following categories:

  • Simple Website Hosting
  • Single Page Web App Hosting
  • Simple Static Website Hosting
  • Enterprise Web Hosting

Simple Website Hosting

Simple websites typically use a single web server to run either a CMS or a development stack. A simple website hosting solution is better for those websites that receive low to medium traffic, require more frequent changes, and are unlikely to scale beyond 5 servers. Example: marketing websites, content websites, and blogs.

Single Page Web App Hosting

This hosting solution is best for static web apps that, usually, need only one single load in a web browser, and all subsequent actions made by the user are available through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that are pre-loaded in a web browser. In such apps, the backend data is accessed via REST APIs or other tools that fetch content from a data store and update the user interface without reloading the page.

Simple Static Website Hosting

Customers who don’t want to manage infrastructure or need scaling for occasional intervals of high traffic should choose a simple static website hosting solution. This solution is also ideal for websites that don’t contain server-side scripting.

Enterprise Web Hosting

Enterprise websites include popular marketing and media sites, and social, travel, and other websites with high traffic. Since these websites need to scale their resources dynamically, often span multiple data centers, and require heavy administration and management work, their needs are best met by AWS Enterprise Web Hosting solutions. QuantConnects is the leading cloud hosting solution provider based in the US and fully certified with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. For quality and cheap cloud web hosting solutions, feel free to get in touch.

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