Top Cloud Storage Providers Of 2021

Are you considering switching to a cloud server? You’re not on your own. Whether it’s a pandemic or simply the passage of time and technology that forces you to rely on the cloud, we’ve compiled a list of the best cloud providers to help you make an informed selection.

  1. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is the pioneer of cloud computing infrastructure that started in 2008. It provides specific services that are designed to meet heavy workloads. In 2021, AWS is collaborating with Verizon to bring a 5G facility to its cloud. They are also aiming for health care in 2021 and are already winning in AI and machine learning platforms.

  1. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform in 2021 is working on expanding its key vertices, namely retail and financial services. Over the years, it has been seen that many developers that build web and mobile apps which are cloud-native often prefer Google Cloud Platform.

Startups look for scaling that can match their rapid growths, and Google Cloud Platform can provide the required performance, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. Google’s prices for its cloud platform are known to be a cheap cloud server hosting amongst the other cloud providers and certainly preferable for budget-friendly businesses and organizations.

  1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud computing wars continue in 2021. In terms of market share, Microsoft Azure comes right after AWS. Although AWS seems to have an advantage over Azure in the continued wars, many will disagree and say that comparing both is hard. Choosing between Azure and AWS will always come down to individual business requirements, pricing, products, and structures, which often have new launches from time to time.

  1. IBM

Back in 2020, there were some talks about acquiring Nordcloud by IBM. Nordcloud is a Helsinki-based company. It is a cloud service and training provider. Recently, in 2021, IBM has expanded its security services for the cloud portfolio. New updates include new advisory and security services, which will help in detecting potential risks and threats.

What is the cheapest cloud hosting?

While AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure provide affordable cloud hosting, the cheapest among these 3 is undoubtedly Google Cloud Platform. Google charges its customers on a per-minute basis, and it is often convenient.

What amount does it cost to have a cloud server?

The pricing of cloud hosting is not exactly straightforward, and the answer is not simple. The pricing will depend upon your cloud provider, the resources your business needs, and many other factors. However, if you want an insight, you can also look for cloud hosting packages of a company that provides cloud solutions.

Is the cloud cheaper than a dedicated server?

Cloud might not always be cheaper than a dedicated server. And running a cloud on a dedicated server is expensive than a dedicated server. However, cloud hosting is known to be cost-effective, and sometimes the prices of cloud decline. But in any case, cloud hosting doesn’t force you to pay for idle resources.


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