The Best Features Cloud Hosting Providers Should Offer

With many small businesses and large companies understanding the importance of cloud hosting, the number of cloud providers in the market has increased. Providers now cater to small niches, large organizations as well as a range of budgets and requirements and you need to look for cheap cloud hosting providers that can offer you the best for your needs.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the best cloud providers in the market.

  • File versioning

File versioning means that whenever you or your employees make certain changes or edits on projects, it doesn’t overwrite your old files but instead allows you to save newer versions of these files so that you can go back to the old files whenever required. This allows you to retrieve your files before they get wiped away and simply edit the changes in case your employees overwrite an important file by mistake.

  • Automatic updates and syncing

Most cheap cloud hosting providers offer their clients automatic syncing of data and important documents. Most often, business owners forget to update or sync their changes to their projects and show up at the meeting with the older versions of the file – automatic syncing changes this. It allows you to make edits in real-time and all your information will automatically get uploaded, updated, and backed up to your drive at certain time intervals making it easier for you. 

  • Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools like Zoom, Trello, Slack, and more allow you to communicate effectively with your employees, share information and data with them securely as well as authorize certain members of your team to access certain files through a direct link. All your data is kept safe and secured through an authorized password which is only given to certain users to access.

  • 24/7 IT support

When it comes to your business operations, technical errors can happen at any time and if not fixed immediately can cost you your clients, customers and even affect your bottom line. Cloud providers have a dedicated 24/7 IT support team that is online during weekends, public holidays and will immediately recognize and fix any errors, security threats, and deal with customer complaints as well as help you troubleshoot via live chat or phone call. This can help you deal with the problem immediately and get your site back on track so that you can increase your return on investment.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to choose the best cloud provider for your needs, make sure that they offer you features tailored to your services. Your provider needs to offer you high security, scalability, flexibility, ample storage, and support as well as grow alongside your brand and allow you to pay as you go. This will allow you to focus less on your site and more on growing and expanding your business as well as offer you an affordable way to start small and then slowly scale up your resources as your company grows.

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