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The Best Cloud Service Provider for Small Businesses

With a lot of people working from home, having a reliable Windows cloud server can actually help your business grow and expand in the long run. Small and medium-sized businesses understand the importance of a cloud provider and with so many on the market choosing the right one has become quite a task. You need to take into consideration your business, your requirements, the type of storage, and your company needs and employees. On that note, here are some of the best options to suit your requirement.

  • QuantConnects

A well-established and reliable cloud hosting provider, this company provides you with secure storage for your data, is easy to use and navigate through. QuantConnects ensures that your website is up and running smoothly and efficiently and they will monitor your website speed, uptime and even check specific locations of customers to confirm availability for your users globally. This Windows cloud server ensures that if one server is backed up there are other servers that are able to step in, receive alerts and confirm downtime from another location. It also allows you to manage your subscriptions, storage, and analytics, provides support, and makes onboarding easier. It is extremely affordable as you only pay for what you need and can change it at any time.

  • IDive cloud storage

This cloud hosting service offers continuous syncing of files on the network along with support sharing of these files via Facebook, email, and Twitter. The edited and deleted files are not automatically uploaded on the server so that there is no mistake of deleting something important by mistake. They also have an advanced facial recognition system that helps you automatically organize and sync your images across linked devices. You can backup up to thirty versions of files as well as restore and manage them easily.

  • Microsoft one drive

This cloud service is good for anyone using Microsoft’s service and is a popular email platform that nicely ties in with Windows 10 as well as allows you to integrate, share files, customize permissions, and edit files online without downloading them. Free users get around a small 5GB of storage whereas paid users can upgrade their storage to 100GB. Depending on how much storage you need you can just pay a bit extra and upgrade it to 1TB with an option to increase it even more as you grow your brand. This service provider is great if you are already comfortable with the ins and outs of Microsoft and know how it works.

Final Word

When it comes down to the best cloud service provider, QuantConnects can help smaller brands get affordable and scalable cloud storage for their needs as well as high security, flexibility, and added features so that they can not only upload and save their files but access them from any device at any location in the world. Their dedicated IT support team even helps you with setup, installation, and takes care of upgrading, maintaining, and any technical issues.

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