The 3 Best Cloud Servers

Cloud hosting pulls its resources from a variety of sources to create a virtual server instead. Shared hosting has a lot of benefits as if your server goes down, your site goes down. But if a cloud server goes down, other servers in the area pick up the slack and this gives you an excellent balance between power and affordability. Cloud hosting is where your site is stored on multiple servers which allows you to pull out resources from different places and this makes the cloud hosting scalable, reliable, and flexible, ideal for sites that experience hikes and dips in traffic.

This is ideal for someone who needs flexibility and a pay-as-you-go. This allows you to decide your own resource limits each month and pay accordingly. If you have a big marketing campaign coming up, cloud hosting allows you to prepare for a one-off busy month. There are hundreds of hosting providers to pick from and finding the right one can be quite daunting, here is a look at the top three.

  • QuantConnects

This cloud solution is ideal for providing all the support you need, right from IaaS and Cloud storage to security and monitoring. They offer the best cheap cloud server solution and are always facing and overcoming new challenges and are relentless in the pursuit of excellence, ensuring that you get the best the world has to offer. For security and AI-enhanced solutions, they can adapt and evolve to secure endpoints and networks against brand new or unseen cybercriminal tactics and techniques. This helps to keep the organization’s key information secure, optimized, and accessible with data protection, management, and business continuity solutions that offer immediate, dependable data recovery and removes downtime.

  • A2 Hosting

When it comes to cloud hosting, A2 hosting can’t be beaten and comes at the top of the research for features as well as has a money-back guarantee which isn’t offered by any other provider. It’s not too expensive and the uptime isn’t the best but you do get a wealth of excellent features and you can even host an unlimited number of websites that other cloud hosting providers don’t offer.

  • Cloudways

Cloudways is a strong second-place option and can be your number one depending on what you are looking for. This platform lets you deploy your cloud servers from one of over 25 global locations and you can pick the region and city yourself. This means that you’ll never be too far from your servers and you’ll have great site speed and also get to pick between monthly or hourly pricing packages depending on what suits your website.

The Bottom Line These cloud servers are the best ones that give you complete control over your cloud hosting and whether you have to decide who gets root access to your servers or you want to pick your IP location. This offers your small brand a lot of flexibility when it comes to scaling resources up or down, and the server capacity can even be increased or decreased in minutes and firewalls can be taken or added in one click on your end to keep data safe and secure.

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