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Selecting the Best Cloud Hosting Service: What You Need to Know

Recently most small brands and startups have started to realize the importance of moving from a traditional storage provider to a cloud hosting provider. As a small business, you don’t have the funds to hire your own IT department, pay for upgrading, repairing, and installing hardware as well as shell out for electricity and salary. […]

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud: Major Benefits of Cloud Data Storage

Along with the rise of innovation and technology, cyber threats have also increased and many business owners in an effort to protect their clients, employees, company, and personal data have switched over to the cloud. The best cloud data storage providers offer a variety of advantages from high performance, a 24/7 IT team, high security, […]

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Reasons Why Cloud Data Storage Works for Small Businesses

Storing your files and client data on a physical hard drive is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Small brands, start-ups, and even larger organizations are now all moving to the cloud as it not only provides them with stability and flexibility but also helps them grow and expand in the long run. But […]

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Cloud vs. Data Center: What to Consider for Your Business?

Businesses rely on data for everything that they do, whether it’s to make decisions, send applications and files to clients, or even determine their real-time data. Besides your private data, there’s also your client’s data that needs to be safeguarded and protected and this is the reason why so many business owners are now looking […]