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How Secure Is Your Data When It’s Stored in the Cloud?

Cloud storage provides organizations with stability, flexibility and allows them to sync data, files, applications as well as photos, videos, and more to the cloud. With so many advantages from storing to accessing your data, many business owners wonder if their cloud server providers are safe and how to keep their data secured properly. Here […]

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Is It Better to Host on a VPS Server or a Virtual One?

Cloud hosting has become quite popular in recent years as many small and medium-sized businesses are looking to cut costs, maximize productivity and manage their web hosting requirements. But is cloud hosting right for you? Or, are you better off sticking to more traditional hosting? Here are some of the many reasons why brands are […]

5 Common Things That Your Team Might Be Missing When Managing Cloud

When you hand over the cloud management task to your in-house team, it, undoubtedly, tries to do well to manage the cloud and keep your business running. However, in a company, management takes care of not one but several processes. Therefore, it is common for team members to ignore or forget some things that are […]

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Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting. Know The Difference Before You Opt-In

For a time now, businesses face the question of cloud hosting vs traditional hosting very often. And truth be told, there are no straight answers about which one is better because it all depends on various features and factors provided and included in both of the hosting services. However, since you have to make a […]