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Need secure storage for your data that’s simple to navigate and easy to use?3 Simple Steps

1. Go through your requirements

Start immediately by speaking with our experts to understand how much storage you need.

2. Test it out

See how QC works with an effective and efficient online test environment.

3. Migrate to QC

Partner with the right team to start driving down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Cloud Network Monitoring |
Monitor Website Uptime
And Page Speed

If you wait, it’s often too late. Consistently observe the uptime of your IPv4 & IPv6 enabled websites from specific locations of customers every minute of the day to confirm availability for your users distributed globally. In the circumstance of an outage, receive alerts via multiple notification channels by configuring intelligent thresholds. To avoid false positives we confirm downtime from other location options.

On-premises file service

On-demand usage is billed in arrears, while Reserve Capacity is lower in price and billed ahead of time.

best cloud storage for large files

On-premises object storage

Included in Object Storage Service is installation, management, premium service, and capacity monitoring. On-demand usage is billed in arrears, while Reserve Capacity is lowered in price and billed ahead of time.

Management and professional

With QuantConnects orchestration tools, manage your subscription, storage management, VM analytics, and AI-based predictive support. Speed up and make easier on-boarding with installation, migration, project management, and custom professional services.

Block Storage

File Storage

Object Storage


The modern data experience

QuantConnects Storage as-a-Service offers a cloud-like experience, it’s simple to get into, simple to ramp-up, and simple to get-out. A basic subscription requires only a one-page online EULA and every Storage as-a-Service subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pay only for what you use

Storage as-a-Service is billed only based off your consumption and not a penny more. So that means no more guessing how much you need to account for years ahead.

Efficiently work on-premises
and in cloud with hybrid

Storage as-a-Service offers on-prem and cloud storage as a service. This gives you the opportunity to efficiently run a hybrid cloud by combining your environment with one subscription and set of storage services.

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