Secure Web Gateway

The Best in Web Protection Made Easy:

Receive the greatest in web security, control, and insights. The kind of web protection that gets results, is affordable, and simple to operate with speedy performance that won’t hold users back.

QuantConnects Firewall:

Kills every network and web threat with a simple yet effective block.

Expert Protection:

Receive the highest level of protection from ransomware and targeted threats.

QuantConnects Sandstorm

New QuantConnects Sandstorm goes beyond average security to improve ransomware and targeted attack protection, visibility, and analysis. Sandstorm pairs well with QuantConnects Web Appliance to rapidly and precisely detect, block, and respond to these vague threats using tremendous innovative cloud-based, sandbox technology.

QuantConnects Threat Intelligence:

Impressive web malware protection begins with our best in class threat researchers with highly developed automation to locate and beat the latest threats.

Advanced Web Malware Protection:

QuantConnects uses expert technology like real-time JavaScript emulation, behavioral analysis, context sensitive inspection, and dynamic URL analysis for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Live Web Protection:

QuantConnects Labs offers ongoing intelligence updates on the most recent malware hosting, phishing and distribution sites as well as anonymizing proxies and other risky sites and only QuantConnects provides updates in real-time via our Live Protection network.

Ownership Simplified:

We’ve made web protection easy, from deployment, to every day management, and even support.

Easy Deployment:

With QuantConnects Web Appliance, you’ll find it’s simple to get started, including easy AD synchronization.

Simple Management:

We’ve improved all the daily workflow routines by making them intuitive and by streamlining everything. You’re just a few clicks away from adjusting a policy or running a report if needed.

Remotely Monitored:

Your appliance is precisely watched around the clock, a service unique to QuantConnects. If you’re experiencing an issue with your QuantConnects Web Appliance, the chances are we’ll already have noticed and gotten on top of it before you need to contact us.

Protection Wherever, Always:

For every user, on every device, everywhere they go.

Our QuantConnects Web Appliance effortlessly works with your QuantConnects Secured Windows Endpoints to give whole web protection for offsite users. Once they get off the local network, the QuantConnects Endpoint takes over, giving complete enforcement and security wherever they may be. Policy updates and browsing activity are automatically synchronized.

Descriptive multi-cloud inventory

AI-powered anomaly detection

Automated assessment of your environment

Speedy Performance:

Authentic protection that will help your users go fast.

Immediate Visibility:

Get Immediate visibility on all network activity with deep elaborate reporting and smart dashboards. QuantConnects Web Appliance gives large reporting of data without having to spend an arm and a leg in database servers and administrators. You get insightful reporting, rich forensic capabilities, and smart dashboards and notifications that keep you managing your network with ease.

Get insights into:

Traffic and Performance

Security events, policy violations and high-risk users

Productivity and liability

App consumption by user

Take advantage of:

Customizable reporting parameters

Automated scheduled reports

Export reports to CSV or PDF

Granular Controls:

Every policy control you need, to have your users remain active and compliant online.

You’ll receive every tool you need to customize your policies and meet compliance obligations, manage productivity, optimize bandwidth, and keep your users and organization secure while online, with ease.

Whether you simply want to avoid irrelevant content, or get into more advanced policies like time or bandwidth quotas, you can do it all. Rapidly build policies by user or group, choosing from multiple kinds of already defined categories. You can then simply personalize your policies on the go as situations change.

Why Choose QuantConnects

Machine learning (ML)-powered anomaly detection

Custom dashboards and reports

Multiple notification channels

Third-party alert integrations

Maintenance schedules to disable monitoring

Off the shelf reporting—busy hours, health trend, performance, and availability summary

Root cause analysis (RCA) to identify outage reasons

Service-level agreement (SLA) reports

Extended metric retention

Android and iOS apps

Client management portal for managed service providers (MSPs)

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