Public vs. Private Cloud Monitoring: What’s Better for Your Company

From innovative solutions to optimal performance and robust security applications, the cloud has become the number one operating platform for small and large businesses. The question now isn’t whether you should upgrade to a cloud service or not but rather, what type of cloud service is better for your business. To pick the right cloud monitoring services, you need to keep your needs in mind as well as factor in the cost, reliability, scalability, and computing power.

Here are the types of cloud services and how to pick the best one for your organization.

  • Public cloud services

In this type of cloud service, a third-party provider provides you with storage, application hosting, and other resources via the internet. Public clouds include shared services which means that you will be sharing your resources with other companies as well as your bandwidth, this also means that during peak times if your website is facing an overload, you can get high-capacity computing power at a limit level. When it comes to security and privacy, users have no control over how their provider implements safety features and most of the time it’s a one size fits all security feature.  Public clouds are the least expensive to set up as you are sharing them with other businesses and the provider will pay for your hosting, bandwidth, and hardware making it cheaper for you to manage your resources.

  • Private cloud services

In private cloud monitoring services, your cloud provider will have a private cloud infrastructure set up for a single company. Your organization will own, manage and control this infrastructure and only individuals with password access will be able to access your private data and information. Since you have control over your computing, storage, and networking resources, if your site is overloaded or experienced a large volume of traffic, other servers will step in to help you handle that load so that your site doesn’t suffer from slow performance and loading. Private cloud providers will also have the highest levels of security which is tailored to your needs and has more specific security controls as compared to public clouds.

Private clouds are a tad costly as you will be paying for the resources dedicated to your network use, however, this cost is worth the investment in the long run as you can not only pay as you go but your cloud provider will take care of everything from setting up, maintenance, upgrades and much more.

Wrapping Up When it comes down to choosing the best cloud provider for your needs, consider this, if you’re an individual that has their website, blog, or even a start-up brand that’s not looking to scale up a lot with fast service, and an easy-to-use cloud infrastructure then a public cloud is better for you. But on the other hand, if you’re a small or medium-sized company looking to grow, customize, scale up, and can afford infrastructure development then a private cloud is a smart choice to keep your data secure and help you manage your information.

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