What’s your storefront online? Your website. Be empowered to track and monitor all parts of it from security, to performance, to uptime and more to prove the highest quality user-end experience

Monitor website uptime
and page speed

If you wait, it’s often too late. Consistently observe the uptime of your IPv4 & IPv6 enabled websites from specific locations of customers every minute of the day to confirm availability for your users distributed globally. In the circumstance of an outage, receive alerts via multiple notification channels by configuring intelligent thresholds. To avoid false positives we confirm downtime from other location options.

Fix phone format to be like this: Analyze web page speed using a real browser

When pages load slowly, it can be frustrating and so much to the point where users leave to look for another page. To avoid lost customers, you need to identify which pages and resources on your page are slowing it down. To do this, you’ll render your websites on a real browser and write down load time for each static resource like videos, pictures, JavaScript and other files.

Secure your website and users

Make sure to never lose the confidence of your users by providing excellent service reliability.

Website Defacement

Immediately detect unauthorized changes to the integrity of your website. Enable an automatic baseline to uncover everything from frame/script injections to content modification.

If there’s any changes on your website that weren’t authorized, we’ll immediately detect it.

SSL/TLS Certificate

With TLS/SSL certificate expiration, you can stay up to date easily. By setting a checkup, it not only notifies you before expiration, but also monitors untrusted CAs, SHA-1 fingerprint tampering and certificate revocations.

Real-time blacklist check

Occasionally initiate queries against well-known blacklists such as Invaluement, UCEPROTECT, Surbl and others to find IP addresses and domains marked as spam.

Brand Reputation

Locate malicious URLs with viruses and eliminate them from your site by running scans against Google’s list of unsafe web resources.

Domain Expiry

When a domain expires, all the services attached to it will cease to work. Set up a simple check, renew early, retain ownership, and prevent any unintended service disruption. All services stop working upon domain expiration.

Prevent all unintended disruption in service by setting up a simple check, also renew early and keep ownership.

Improve digital end user

Use both artificial and real user data to accomplish an excellent level of performance.

Synthetic Monitoring

Take initiative to test functionality and response time of essential endpoints or transactions any time of day from locations all around the world.

Conceive roads of navigation like user experience from login to sign up or payment gateway that’s increasingly complicated on a real browser to find and solve potential problems before they reach customers.

Upload the existing Selenium IDE test cases to start or use our recorder tool to point and click the elements that you want the test to interact with.

Real User Monitoring

Gain deep understanding of real user performance monitoring.

View global application performance.

Understand the performance of your application on a global level through simple and easily understandable graphs and charts.

Find out if performance is excellent, good, moderate, poor, or bad when used from different countries.

Eliminate blind spots with
complete visibility

Get thorough visibility on all the resources included in delivering your service.


Easily track the health of your app’s REST API and SOAP endpoints. Add JSONPath or XPath assertions to ensure your API responses are returning the right data.

Ensure your API responses are returning the correct data by adding XPath or JSONPath assertions. Track the quality of the SOAP endpoints and REST API of your app easily.


Confirm real-time apps such as social media feeds and live chat on your website are working as they should by monitoring WebSocket endpoints.

Domain Name Server

Confirm the accuracy of your domain’s DNS recordings by doing lookups from locations all around the globe, monitor resolution time, and identify Domain Name Server (DNS) propagation issues.

Mail Delivery

Identify email deliverability issues and measure latency by simulating an end-to-end email flow by sending and receiving test emails using your POP, IMAP servers and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

File Transfer Protocol

To ensure outside file downloads take place without any errors, check upload and download performance for SSL/TLS-enabled FTP servers.

TCP/IP Ports

For all services that are listening, track the availability on registered ports using the Transmission Control Protocol and well-known ports IMAP, FTP, SMTP. POP3.

Internal Network

Pair our world monitoring network by installing a light software section in your internal network to keep track of resources behind the firewall.

Monitor from 3G/4G networks

Learn how your site does when entered on low bandwidth connections provided by your network carrier for mobile to understand.

Hosted status pages

With teams shipping new changes to their software and production systems more frequently, downtime has become a question of when, not if. QuantConnects StatSmart, our incident communication platform, can help you when things go wrong. Create a status page to communicate unplanned outages, scheduled events, and real-time status to your end-users.

Nowadays, when businesses are making new changes to their softwares and systems of production more frequently, downtime is inevitable. How do you handle this? QuantConnects allows you to create a status page to communicate to your end users about scheduled events, unplanned outages and other real time updates.

Why Choose QuantConnects

Machine learning (ML)-powered anomaly detection

Custom dashboards and reports

Multiple notification channels

Third-party alert integrations

Maintenance schedules to disable monitoring

Off the shelf reporting—busy hours, health trend, performance, and availability summary

Root cause analysis (RCA) to identify outage reasons

Service-level agreement (SLA) reports

Extended metric retention

Android and iOS apps

Client management portal for managed service providers (MSPs)

cloud server provider
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