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Log management is the process of collection, consolidation, analysis, storage, visualization, and troubleshooting of large voluminous logs from different servers, applications, and frameworks.

SaaS-based application log management and log centralization for DevOps

Maintain and improve your application’s performance by analyzing with a centralized solution that is easy-to-use, and helps in quickly identifying and correcting issues effectively. With built-in fast query language-based search, centralized logging and parsing, and support for custom applications like IIS, Cassandra, Apache, and more, we help you track and fix a wide array of problems, including:

External database call failure

UI unresponsiveness

File upload failure

Dynamic user input verification

Track and troubleshoot application performance with QuantConnects APM and look at your custom application logs.

Maintain and increase your application’s operation by analyzing with an easy to use centralized solution, and aids to rapidly spotting and resolving issues efficiently and effectively. We assist you in tracking and fixing a large range of problems, with our centralized logging and parsing, our rapid query search and support for custom applications. Some of the problems we resolve include:

Outside database call failure

Unresponsive user interface

Failure to upload file

Dynamic user input verification

Look at your custom application logs and track plus troubleshoot application performance with QuantConnects APM.

Easy troubleshooting for infrastructure administrators and application teams

Everyday systems admins must access logs, whether they’re mitigating hacking attempts and server crashes, or investigating server anomalies and slowed performance. Rapidly track every form of access log and syslog issues like delays, exceptions and timeouts with the fast search feature. To get contextual correlation between your server data and logs, consolidate all this information in one place. This will ultimately bring you immediate, actionable insights completely from the cloud.

Also have the ability to set up checks to keep track of your directories, logs and files in your server.

Consolidated log monitoring for logs from various servers

Logs are quickly indexed spanning different servers with the ability to auto-discover log formats for 20+ application related logs. For fast actionable results, one intuitive web interface aids the operations team get relevant correlation along with server data.

AppLog Alerts from the cloud

Managing huge loads of log data has never been more simple with threshold based alerting by SMS, email and voice call. Whether it’s an application failure, persistent error code or a spike in response time, we’ll instantly notify you so you can take the corrective actions necessary.

Indexing for faster and distributed search

All receiving log entries are sorted orderly, documented, and named for easy search and identification and are displayed as a table. The starting pattern of your records are taken note of and grouped into precise log types, helping in quicker search and retrieval. You can connect them with a set of servers or a server to specify or generalize your search field.

Derive quick actionable insights with our SaaS-based log monitoring software

Analyze, search and sift any incoming log data with our intuitive and simple web client that provides a text and numeric based search. In the case of a numeric search use greater than (>) or less then (<) queries and substring queries for a search based on text. In one go, you can search up to 5 days’ worth of logs, and search for logs up to 30 days old.

Out of the box support for common applications

Every one of your logging frameworks and typical application logs are recognized automatically. Save your own defined log pattern as a custom format.
During auto-discovery, logs in any default or custom format will be retrieved automatically.

Manage logs from different cloud service providers

Recognize and manage your AWS and Azure logs automatically with QuantConnects. With a simple configuration, you can manage S3, Load Balancer logs, CloudFront, Cloudtrail and CloudWatch easily.
For full-fledged cloud log monitoring, collect and analyze logs from the Azure App Service, Active Directory, Front Door, Cosmos DB, Functions and more!

Agile troubleshooting with visual aids

Using visual aids like graphs, you’ll be able to troubleshoot faster than you’ve ever done before, helping you accurately count the number of times a specific log has been indexed and the number of keyword-based searches made. Manage your logs with various types of widgets to view different log types by creating and using a special dashboard.

How does our log management tool work?

Our log monitoring solution comes bundled with the QuantConnects Server Monitoring agent. Once you’ve installed the agent, it collects your logs and pushes them to our storage server for full-fledged server log management.

The agent searches through your server and detects the native log patterns of more than 30 different applications, in addition to log patterns that you define.

Entries will start appearing within five minutes after you’ve installed the agent, and you can begin searching using keywords from our web client.

You can also configure to receive alerts through e-mail, SMS, voice call, and instant messenger to be notified of issues.

Get insight on subscription-level events, operational data, and determine the status of all operations occurring in your Azure and AWS resources for complete cloud log management.

Why Choose QuantConnects

Machine learning (ML)-powered anomaly detection

Custom dashboards and reports

Multiple notification channels

Third-party alert integrations

Maintenance schedules to disable monitoring

Off the shelf reporting—busy hours, health trend, performance, and availability summary

Root cause analysis (RCA) to identify outage reasons

Service-level agreement (SLA) reports

Extended metric retention

Android and iOS apps

Client management portal for managed service providers (MSPs)

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