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Is Cloud Server Hosting good for a startup?

If you are a startup owner who is starting their business website, cloud hosting could be an essential aspect you would need to consider. Cloud hosting comes in handy when your website starts getting more traffic. If you wonder how cloud hosting is different from the limited space that a server provides, you can try a cheap cloud server hosting for a few months to get an idea of its functionality.

What is the need for cloud server hosting?

To put it simply, a cloud server hosting connects multiple machines in a startup and forms an extensive network. When numerous web servers have connected in a startup, data from various servers becomes easier. With many cheap cloud server hosting available in the market, you can choose anyone and incorporate them with your startup.

Cloud hosting servers are affordable in most cases, offer high-speed accessibility even when your startup receives more traffic online. It performs incredibly well even when all the members of your team live in different cities or countries.

How can cloud server hosting be suitable for a startup?

Even when you are just at the early stages of your startup, investing in a function yet, cheap cloud server hosting is essential. It not only reduces a ton of work for later but also gives you a sense of protection from losing important data. You can easily access any data from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Here are a few reasons why cloud server hosting is a good idea for a startup:

  1. Scalability: As a startup, you don’t know when your website might start receiving traffic at a tremendous rate. The US alone has more than 310 million internet users. So when your startup website starts receiving bigger traffic, your cloud server would scale your resources as required and evenly distribute the website traffic to various cloud instances.
  1. Cost: As a startup, you need to use hosting options that do not cost you a fortune. Unlike other virtual private servers where it is necessary to pay a minimum amount, you only need to pay for the resources you use with cloud server hosting. Cloud hosting provides multiple features like resource monitoring, managed hosting, unmetered bandwidth at an affordable price.
  1. Performance: Since cloud server hosting shares multiple machines in a network, the application is distributed among all the servers. So, even if, for some reason, your system stops working, all the critical data would be safe with the next available server.


If you are looking cloud server solution for your startup based in the US, you can try QuantConnects. It is a cheap cloud server hosting service that will keep your data safe, speed up your website response and protect your website from various security threats. QuantConnects provide storage and archiving, unlike any other cloud hosting service. It also offers cloud-based protection and closely monitors your website and server for better performance.

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