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How Secure Is Your Data When It’s Stored in the Cloud?

Cloud storage provides organizations with stability, flexibility and allows them to sync data, files, applications as well as photos, videos, and more to the cloud. With so many advantages from storing to accessing your data, many business owners wonder if their cloud server providers are safe and how to keep their data secured properly. Here are a few tips to follow.

  • Use strong passwords

While cloud service providerswill ensure that your data and client information is protected and secure, you need to ensure that you also pick long and unique administrative passwords and even switch to two-factor authentication to ensure that your data is safe. Always be wary of emails asking for your password and make sure that only certain employees and clients have access to your passwords if they are working on a project with you. You can even change your passwords monthly to be sure it is safe.

  • Audit your file shares

Cloud storage services are great when it comes to accessing and sharing data with another member of your team. But this can also leave your data compromised it if falls into the wrong hands or other people manage to access your shared account. In such cases, you need to be very careful with who you share this data with and ensure that you get notification whenever someone else is one as well as run a regular audit of all the shares that are active on your account. This will allow you to see which parties have access to your account so that you can edit them accordingly.

  • Clear out your deleted files

Many cloud server providers have a recycle bin that all deleted or old files end up in so that you can retrieve them in case you change your mind. While this is helpful, it can backfire if someone tries to access your account and comes across these files. Always ensure that you have made a private copy of any sensitive files and then delete it off the cloud server so that no one can recover them. If the file or folder is shared and the project is over you can go ahead and permanently delete it from the cloud while ensuring that you won’t require the same file again.

In summary

Always keep in mind that once you have accessed an email, replied to a chat, or uploaded data, you need to log out of your cloud storage account. This allows no one else to gain access to your files, especially if you’re using a computer that’s shared with other people like your employees, management, clients, and so on. This will prevent your computer or system from getting hacked or compromised and will enable your cloud provider to take better care of your data. Ensure that all passwords are hidden and change frequently to keep your data and customer information safe especially if you are accessing it from various devices or locations. 

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