How Cloud Data Centers Differ from Traditional Data Centers

Businesses rely on data for everything that they do, whether it’s for business meetings, onboarding new clients, making decisions, sending files and applications to their employees, and much more. Besides your company data, you also have your customer information that needs to be safeguarded and protected as well as kept in a safe and secure location that can be encrypted from hackers, viruses, or even third-party applications.

So, before you decide which data provider is ideal for your needs, here’s what you need to know about a traditional and a cloud data storage provider.

  • Traditional data center

A traditional data center is a collection of servers on a site that allows you to have complete control over your equipment and data and since you own the equipment you can customize it as per what you want. But this also means that you would need to purchase the equipment, maintain and upgrade it as well as repair it should any issues crop up.

Not only this, but you would also require to hire an IT team, train them, pay their salaries as well as pay for utilities like electricity and ensure that they are maintaining, and tracking your software and keeping it up to date. When it comes to scaling up in storage, you would be required to either buy unlimited storage or more hardware which can take time and slow down your business considerably.

  • Cloud data center

A cloud data storage provider allows you to store all your data and information online securely so that only you, your clients, and your employees have access to it, along with a secured password. Your cloud provider will take care of everything from upgrading, repairing, maintaining, and securing your data along with providing you with a dedicated IT team that’s online 24/7 to help you with any technical issues or problems. This team will also monitor your site day or night and ensure that your data is kept protected, this also allows you to access your data from any location in case your physical drive is compromised.

When choosing a cloud vendor, always pick a reliable and trusted vendor that prioritizes safety and security and ensures that all their systems are maintained, constantly configured, and properly secured. While cloud storage may have an upfront fee, it pays off in the long run as it allows you to scale up easily, provides you with added performance, and allows you to focus on more important things like growing your brand.

The Takeaway

When it comes to choosing the right data center, most brands prefer the cloud as it’s risk-free, removes the hassle of maintaining and upgrading their equipment and also provides them with the safety and support they require. It also let them scale up and down as per their storage needs and becomes easy to access their data on the go using any device like their smartphone, iPad, laptop, or computer easily along with a secured password.

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