Software to Protect Data

Protect Your Data with QuantConnects

Don’t allow your organization to be vulnerable to downtime and loss of data. We have rapid, dependable and constant data protection offers and recovery choices to fit your business needs.

Next-Generation Data Protection

The most reliable way to protect data and ensure uptime now features simple, unified, SLA-driven management.

Never-Ending Data Protection

Having data available at all times is critical for organizations. Pick a constant data protection solution that suits your specific environment.



The QuantDP innovative data protection solution brings thorough, SLA-management to the whole data protection life span. It offers various different fast recovery options and a workflow created for management simplicity. Minimize downtime and improve productivity with QuantDP.


QuantBack gives ongoing image-based backups for quick, simple, and reliable disaster recovery. Access, migrate, and restore your data with remote management.

Granular Recovery for Exchange

GRE operates with your backups to protect email. Use to look for and retrieve Microsoft Exchange message data.

IT Edition’s QuantDP

This solo operating tool for the admin of the system is accessible via subscription for restoring and backing up machines without installing software.

File Backup and Recovery

Not all data is critical to business operations. This online file backup solution identifies and protects only the data that’s important to the business.

Why Choose QuantConnects

Machine learning (ML)-powered anomaly detection

Custom dashboards and reports

Multiple notification channels

Third-party alert integrations

Maintenance schedules to disable monitoring

Off the shelf reporting—busy hours, health trend, performance, and availability summary

Root cause analysis (RCA) to identify outage reasons

Service-level agreement (SLA) reports

Extended metric retention

Android and iOS apps

Client management portal for managed service providers (MSPs)

cloud server provider
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