Cloud vs On-Premise Backup Solutions

As a managed service provider, one of your main concerns is keeping your clients’ data secure as well as ensuring that it is safe from third-party applications and backup this data daily. Most businesses get quite confused between on-premise and cloud backup, how do you decide which one is the better option for your customers? Here are a few points that will help you to decide between cloud storage and backup solutions and on-premise solutions.

  • On-premise backup

The first thing you need to consider is an on-premise backup solution to store customer’s data, where they are secure that inspires confidence as well, gives customers the impression that their data will stay safe and they can scale up or down with hardware. Customers can also decide when the data is backed up, how often backups should occur, and what information gets backup up. This gives them the perfection of flexibility.

But, on the other, side, as backup data is stored in the office space, in the event of a disaster like a fire or a natural calamity the data can be lost and this moves towards the favor of having a cloud backup. On-premise, backups are also at a higher security risk as they have fewer safety solutions and are easier to access from malicious sites. From a cost standpoint, on-premise solutions can be costly as the company would need to buy more and more hardware and would have to test and maintain equipment for each customer.

  • Cloud backup solutions

Cloud backup offers a host of advantages including enhanced scalability, better security, efficiency, and quick recovery in the event that backup data is required. Better security, software, encryption, and updates mean better protection for customers and client’s data as well as better access to data for vendors and customers alike.

While on-premise solutions largely operate on outdated security, cloud solutions implement a personalized approach that provides physical, application, and network security that aids even the strictest government security requirements. With cloud data, customers can access their information anywhere and everywhere even if natural disasters do happen their data will remain safe. Cloud backup also frees your in-house staff and allows them to concentrate on growing and enhancing your brand putting less stress on them.

To Sum It Up

All of these factors add up to managing and using software over the long term. Cloud storage and backup solutions are gaining popularity over time as they reduce the need for on-site visits as there is no hardware to maintain and customers gain flexibility in storage options as they can store their data security and save costs. If a data backup is required, recovery times are so quick and efficient that businesses don’t suffer long downtimes and can be up and running quickly. When it comes down to infrastructure and software support, thanks to privacy and security measures, it’s better to rely on cloud solutions to ensure things are correctly managed.

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