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Cloud vs. Data Center: What to Consider for Your Business?

Businesses rely on data for everything that they do, whether it’s to make decisions, send applications and files to clients, or even determine their real-time data. Besides your private data, there’s also your client’s data that needs to be safeguarded and protected and this is the reason why so many business owners are now looking for ways to keep their data in a safe and secure location.

Here are some things you need to know when picking between a data center and a cheap cloud hosting provider.

Data Center

An on-premise data center is a collection of servers on-site that serves your data storage needs, it allows you to have complete control over your data and equipment and customize it as per what you want as you own the equipment. This means you would require to purchase the server hardware along with the networking hardware, ensure that it’s maintained, repaired, and replaced when required. Along with this, you would also require to hire an IT staff, train them, and pay their salaries for customizing, maintaining, and tracking your software. You will also be paying for electricity and ensuring that their skills are up to date. A data center is also limited when it comes to scaling up your storage and even though you can buy more hardware, it takes time and this can result in a dip in your business.

The Cloud

A cheap cloud hosting provider allows you to store your data online where you only need a secure password and a good internet connection to access it. Your cloud provider will have a dedicated IT support team that helps you right from setting up to troubleshooting any technical issues and keeping your data and site protected and safe. Picking the right cloud provider is important and you need to ensure that they are reliable, trusted, and will take on the responsibility of security. Reputable vendors are highly trained and ensure that all systems are configured, constantly maintained, and adequately secured. Cloud storage may cost a bit more but in the long run, it’s ideal if you are looking to grow your brand as it allows you to scale up your storage and pay only for what you need, provides you with added flexibility, and allows you to access it from any location in the world.

The bottom line

When it comes to picking between a data center and the cloud, most brands prefer the cloud as it removes the stress of investing in, maintaining, and upgrading their systems as well as provides them with the support, safety, and security they need. Besides this cloud storage also allows you to scale up and down as per your needs and offers you a lot of added flexibility. In case of a natural calamity like a fire or a flood, even if your hardware gets compromised your information will still be safe online and you can easily access it from another location.

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