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Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting. Know The Difference Before You Opt-In

For a time now, businesses face the question of cloud hosting vs traditional hosting very often. And truth be told, there are no straight answers about which one is better because it all depends on various features and factors provided and included in both of the hosting services.

However, since you have to make a choice, take a look at these differences between cloud hosting and traditional hosting. This will make it easier for you to understand what services and benefits each hosting service provides.

Traditional hosting

Traditional hosting hosts your website on a single server in one datacenter. There are several types of data hosting, and which one you can choose will be based on the size of your website, volume of its traffic, level of technical expertise.

Look at these three types of traditional hosting:

  • Shared hosting: This option is the cheapest one. On this option, the resources of your site are shared with other websites. This option can be suitable for beginners.
  • ●       VPS hosting: Similar to shared hosting, VPS hosting works on hosting for various websites on a single physical machine. The difference is that the server is split into different self-contained virtual servers.
  • Dedicated hosting: This is the most expensive option where you get an entire server to yourself. Here, you don’t share with other websites, either physically or virtually. This can be used by large businesses or other high traffic websites.

Cloud hosting

If you had a slight inclination towards cloud hosting, we hope you’ll be able to decide not only the suitable one for yourself but a cheap cloud server as well after you’ve read through the benefits it offers.

What cloud hosting does differently is that it hosts your website to different servers across the internet instead of just on a single server. Here, a virtual machine is used for accessing different servers across the cloud and managing your website.

Cloud hosting, although new, is getting more popular because of the benefits provided and the new arrivals of cheap cloud servers

Here are the benefits that make businesses choose cloud hosting over traditional hosting.

  • Reliability: You can always rely on cloud hosting because even if one server goes offline, you will not have a problem because other servers will fill in.
  • Scalability: Cloud hosting can scale up or down, and some hosts even provide auto-scaling as the extra traffic kicks in, and you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Flexibility: You can choose which services to use and only pay for them. And at the same time, if traffic goes up you pay for more but when traffic goes down, you pay less.


Although cloud hosting is quite an expensive option because of its flexibility option, you will find many cheap cloud servers. And a cheap cloud server will prove to be an affordable option than traditional dedicated hosting. While cloud hosting is preferred for its pricing, scalability, security, and performance, traditional hosting can be rejected for its downtime and scalability.

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