Protect Your Cloud for Business Continuity

Emergency-Proof Your Business Data, And Have it Remain Safe

Whether your data is generated on-site or in a SaaS application, data remains safe and available 24/7 within our cloud.

When merged, Cloud Services allows organizations to achieve complete business continuity. Organizations can recover data and compute and network services by clicking one time, all within an organized recovery workflow.

Our Cloud-Based Products

QuantConnects Cloud Services (DRaaS)

With the correct disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), your business is virtually invincible and able to survive almost anything. Integrate DRaaS for total business continuity. QuantConnects Cloud Services is there for you, in tragedies, to quickly recoup data, virtualize machines, and re-create your network with customized cloud configuration. Don’t need full DRaaS? Choose a different Service Level for replication as a service (RaaS), which comes with file and folder recovery or system restore.

Backup your Cloud with QuantConnects (backup for your SaaS data)

Add recovery to cloud-based applications and granular protection.

QuantConnects Cloud Backup protects SaaS data from overwrites and deletion, malicious deletes, viruses, ransomware attacks, and sync issues which aren’t purposefully done.

Earthquake Creeping at the Doorstep

Solutions provider ECW knows how critical it is for clients to have backup copies in the cloud. But there are clients who need a highly destructive earthquake demolishing everything to finally make the right decision for cloud storage. Just know, there’s always an earthquake ready to strike around the corner.

Why Choose QuantConnects

Machine learning (ML)-powered anomaly detection

Custom dashboards and reports

Multiple notification channels

Third-party alert integrations

Maintenance schedules to disable monitoring

Off the shelf reporting—busy hours, health trend, performance, and availability summary

Root cause analysis (RCA) to identify outage reasons

Service-level agreement (SLA) reports

Extended metric retention

Android and iOS apps

Client management portal for managed service providers (MSPs)

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