Benefits of a Cloud Server for Small Businesses

With the rise of innovation and technology, more and more businesses are swiftly moving to the cloud. Before people would use traditional on-premise hosting solutions to store their data as well as hire an IT team and pay for their salaries, train them, spend for utilities, space, equipment as well as update, install and upgrade […]

Reasons Why Cloud Services Can Transform Your Business

With the rise of technology and innovation in the last couple of years, small and big brands are swiftly moving to the cloud owing to the ease and functionality it provides. Before businesses would just run their applications on a physical hard drive and would require to hire an IT team to manage, update and […]

Key Advantages of Cloud Solutions for Businesses

Along with the rise of innovation and technology, cyber threats have also increased and to protect their brand, client, and personal information many companies have switched to the cloud to make compliance easier to manage. Cloud solutions come with so many added benefits, from high performance, ample storage capacity, security and safety, and scalability along […]

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Scale-up Cloud VPS when your hosting requirements change

With the change in various VPS hosting in the last few years, Cloud VPS hosting is the most used and improved version of private server hosting today. Cloud VPS follows the same idea as traditional VPS, storing and sharing data in a private server. However, the significant improvement of cloud VPS from the traditional one […]