What is Cloud Hosting and How Does It Benefit Businesses?

There are some things in the world that you just can’t replace like a photo album, heirlooms, or even your company’s personal data. All these things would be catastrophic to lose not only for you but they would affect the people around you. It doesn’t take much to realize that the hardware you store your […]

Cloud vs On-Premise Backup Solutions

As a managed service provider, one of your main concerns is keeping your clients’ data secure as well as ensuring that it is safe from third-party applications and backup this data daily. Most businesses get quite confused between on-premise and cloud backup, how do you decide which one is the better option for your customers? […]

Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Services are Growing Like Crazy

If you’re on the lookout to keep your business operations top-notch and grow your company then it’s about time you tried Cloud computing for your needs. A cloud based hosting provider allows you to run your programs and applications online through private or even public networks and offers storage, protection, and stores and analyzes your […]

Is Cloud Hosting Cheaper than Storing Your Own Data?

More and more brands are moving rapidly towards the cloud for a huge portion of their workloads. Being an attractive model, the best cheap cloud hosting has low upfront costs, efficiency, speed, and agility that no other platform provides. Most business owners have a couple of concerns when it comes to the cloud regarding security, […]