Can You Scale A Cloud VPS?

Cloud computing has had a significant impact on organizations, with more than $30 billion expected to be spent on cloud infrastructure in 2021 alone. Enterprises and businesses are indeed concerned about the security elements of cloud computing before, during, and even after the adoption of cloud computing. Nonetheless, certain advantages, as well as security, have outweighed those concerns.

Firstly, let us define some of the most commonly used words in cloud computing.


Cloud is a virtualized network of servers where you can store, manage, process, or access data remotely – from anywhere and at any time, but with the help of a device and the internet. The photos you upload to your social media platforms are stored in the cloud, so your email processes occur in the cloud.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS is similar to virtualization, but unlike cloud hosting, where your resources are spread out in various public servers, VPS has a private server. When you use VPS, you have a private and dedicated hosting environment, just like a dedicated server, but through virtualization.

Cloud VPS

A cloud VPS is a hosting solution based on KVM, short for Linux’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine. While a specific hosting solution will require you to buy a hosting environment with particular ranges of limits, cloud VPS requires you to pay for the resources you use.

A typical server will require you to buy a new server once you have exceeded the set limit. But when it comes to cloud VPS, you can instantly buy more resources and pay extra without migrating or changing server settings. 

Can you scale a Cloud VPS?

One of the significant benefits of cloud VPS is scaling, and of course, the cost-effectiveness that comes with scaling. Businesses or startups that are growth-focused always experiences the highs and lows of their business. As many companies have an online presence, and their websites play an essential role in business growth, cloud VPS seems to be the most suitable hosting choice enjoyed as a cheap cloud VPS hosting

If the hosting requirements for a business website increase today with a sudden spike in traffic, it is convenient to have more resources with just one click not to experience downtime. Any website experiencing downtime as soon as they experience a spike in traffic will lose its reputation among its visitors or users. This is called scaling up, and while you have enough resources idle, you can scale down with one click, so you don’t have to pay for idle resources.


Cloud virtual private servers (VPS) are well-known for being ideal for growing businesses. While businesses are not always willing to pay for cloud VPS hosting, several organizations, such as QuantConnects, offer cheap cloud VPS hosting solutions. QuantConnects has been certified by cloud computing pioneers such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud and has been assisting startups in achieving their hosting objectives.

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