5 Common Things That Your Team Might Be Missing When Managing Cloud

When you hand over the cloud management task to your in-house team, it, undoubtedly, tries to do well to manage the cloud and keep your business running. However, in a company, management takes care of not one but several processes. Therefore, it is common for team members to ignore or forget some things that are […]

Why Choose Cheap Cloud Server Hosting Plans at QuantConnects?

Cloud server hosting enables your applications and websites to be accessible using cloud resources. Instead of a single dedicated or shared server, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts your websites and applications. Unlike with traditional server hosting, resources scale based on your needs and preferences. This means you will be paying […]

A Guide to Why You Require Cloud Monitoring

If some or all of your infrastructure is in the cloud, you need to monitor it, but how do you do so? Most brands nowadays both big and small are using the cloud network monitoring provider to save on spending for resources like IT as well as being able to get unparalleled business advantages like […]

Why Cloud Hosting is Perfect for Small Businesses

Partnering with a cloud hosting provider allows you to access business data and applications anywhere, any place and at any time on any smartphone device – this makes it very affordable as compared to an in-house hosting server. This cloud provides small businesses and start-ups with mobile access to data and allows them to be […]