Why Cloud Backup is Vital for the Future of Your Business

You’d be hard-pressed to find anything in the modern world that does not use technology in some way or the other. Even data is becoming digital and this data is uploaded or backed up which makes it more vulnerable to theft or loss. In order to prevent this, businesses today can get server space from […]

The Top Affordable Cloud Web Hosting plans

If you’re launching a new website then there’s no need to spend your money on an expensive web hosting solution. There are tons of affordable web hosting solutions that work just fine. Small businesses, personal blogs, and startups can easily use an affordable web hosting plan that delivers good service, but with so many providers […]

3 Endpoint Security Problems Solved by the Cloud

Companies are facing massive cybersecurity challenges, most of which begin at the endpoint. With more and more security products creating more problems than they solve along with increasing cost and complexity, how are security staff and IT professionals supposed to keep up? Thankfully, with world-class solutions from QC cloud security endpoint, you can now keep […]