Traditional Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to valuable business data it can be quite risky to put your security in the hands of someone else or even trust it to a third party. This is why a lot of companies are still reluctant to transfer their data to the cloud despite numerous advantages. Choosing the right hosting provider […]

Why is the Cloud More Expensive than VPS Hosting?

If you’re running your website, eCommerce store, or even your personal blog, you’re probably thinking of upgrading your web hosting services to a cloud VPS and are probably wondering if you are making the right choice. Sure, it’s tempting to use your physical hardware or even a shared server or maybe a cheap cloud VPS […]

Must-Have Features Cloud Hosting Services Should Provide

With a host of features like strong security, incredible performance, infinite expansion, and reliable speed, cheap cloud hosting offers an amazing business solution that is secure, reliable, and efficient. However not all cloud hosting providers are equal and even though they may be good for some businesses, you need to find one that suits your […]

Tips For Choosing The Best Cloud Storage For Your Business

When it comes to picking the best cloud data storage for your business, you need to think of what would be the most effective for your brand and your consumers. With so many cloud storage providers on the market, how do you choose the best option for your business? Some provides will provide you with […]