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Are You Planning To Host Your WordPress Website On A Cloud Server?

Most people are already using cloud hosting without realizing it. Yet when it is time you are launching your WordPress website, you are facing the question of the options provided for web hosting. This question is mostly answered by choosing cloud hosting for your website. This is because you will be recommended so and also because of the hype around cloud hosting. But what is ‘cloud’, and how does it provide hosting service?

All your email, bank details, ATM relies on cloud storage. Similarly, websites use the same cloud resources. This is a popular choice by the users of WordPress because, with cloud hosting, they don’t worry about their site going down.

In this post, you can take a brief look at how both cloud hosting and WordPress websites can work together.

Cloud Hosting over Traditional Hosting

What cloud hosting does differently than traditional hosting is that it uses multiple servers than just one single server. This advanced technology of cheap cloud server hosting uses several servers where all your data is spread as opposed to the traditional servers where your data is held on a single machine. So why are multiple servers important for the website? Multiple servers maximize your uptime while balancing the traffic load generated on your website.

Higher uptime with Cheap cloud server hosting

Cloud-powered web hosting provides uptime and reliability. The cloud uses many servers on the interconnected network and hence, the website’s data is available always on one server, if one goes down for some reason. The cloud-hosted websites, for this reason, will never go offline. Cloud hosting always guarantees 99.9% uptime, even with your neighbor’s activities not slowing you down.


A business and website owner will want to use a hosting that grows with the website because changing the plans and provides is quite a time-consuming task. Even with a cheap cloud server hosting, the starter plan comes with an allowance of 50,000 visitors per month. As your visitors grow, you can add more resources with just one click.

Optimized by WordPress people

To choose a suitable cloud hosting company, you have to determine the overall value of the service. The factors to take into consideration are the speed and availability of support the server provides. This also includes the performance and of course the cost of the services and features.

Conclusion While choosing cloud hosting for your WordPress website, there are few things that one needs to consider. This will save one from future problems and issues. Some factors that need focusing on are reliable support from the providers at any given time, optimization, free backups, full security, and also need to see if the provider provides a managed service.

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