Archiving as a Service

Using a single solution, correct present and future needs for archiving and allow new business.

Make your IT landscape easier than ever and keep the value of your enterprise information.

Preserve costs and allow new business with Archiving as a Service –an innovative cloud-based enterprise-large archiving platform that speeds up IT improvements by securing and leveraging essential application data from every source. Continually increase the speed of digital transformation by removing expensive old legacy apps and systems while still maintaining data and content – giving you savings up to 40% in IT costs.

Evolving your enterprise archiving

Using a secure and dependable cloud solution, take control of your business information.

Businesses continue moving online every single day and as a result digitized archived information can help develop business lifespan and promote business improvements.

Main benefits

Save money and promote ideal application performance

Receive cost savings right away and fast ROI by quickly letting go of legacy applications and taking in static data from multiple sources to a single platform that stores, manages, and secures data.

Promote cooperation

Lower business risk and assure cooperation with regulatory and legal mandates, such as GDPR, with thorough retention and eDiscovery capabilities.

Allow improved strategic decisions

Leverage all the information in your enterprise and build a foundation for data lakes where you can consolidate data silos, keep data and access secured, and create insights using new analytics technologies.

Main features

Single enterprise archiving platform

Allow new business and fulfill all current and future archiving needs with just one solution, taking care of both active and end-of-life archiving cost efficiently. Offered as a service, you just pay as you go based on volume, where a monthly fee includes all you need: infra, software and service, with no lock in.

Archive and leverage all your data

With our solution, you are able to take in all data types – both structured and unstructured.

Fast data access and powerful search capabilities help you find information effortlessly.

Open access to analytics tools provides insight with ease.

Lower load or decommission entirely

Take the load off your business applications, such as SAP, and offload data using our ready-made connectors.

Plus, say goodbye to your costly old legacy apps and systems, while keeping all data and content.

Centralized retention policy management

Make agreement a breeze with centralized retention policy management that comes with dashboards and visualization, date and event-based retention, single and multiple retention policies and inheritance of retention policies.

Enterprise scalability

Our solutions archives hundreds of billions of records effortlessly, wherever the application source or database type.

Consolidated platform

The solution gives one view of data and content and is self-reliant. Inherit the rewards of consolidating separated archives into one.

Secure by design

Encrypted and designed with your privacy at the forefront, our solution comes with watertight data security and complies with regulations such as GDPR.

Why Choose QuantConnects

Machine learning (ML)-powered anomaly detection

Custom dashboards and reports

Multiple notification channels

Third-party alert integrations

Maintenance schedules to disable monitoring

Off the shelf reporting—busy hours, health trend, performance, and availability summary

Root cause analysis (RCA) to identify outage reasons

Service-level agreement (SLA) reports

Extended metric retention

Android and iOS apps

Client management portal for managed service providers (MSPs)

cloud server provider
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