5 Steps To Choose The Best Cloud Storage For Small Businesses

It is a myth that only large companies can invest money in high-quality data storage; small businesses deserve it and have access to the same data storage services that are available to large companies, and they must use these services.

Inefficient methods of storing data require physical proximity to the devices or extensive maintenance. Cloud storage is a simple and comparatively inexpensive alternative. A cloud storage provider offers you with a fixed-size server space to store data. While you own the stored data, the storage provider owns and maintains the necessary hardware. These service providers provide end-to-end access to the data and provide secure access to their customers.

Yet, one must understand that not all cloud storage providers are the same. That is why in order to choose the best cloud storage, small businesses must understand and lookout for a few things – 

  1. Storage Limits

Depending on the amount of data you are dealing with, you need to look at the storage limits the cloud file storage provider is offering. Different plans offer different storage limits, and there is usually a range of plans to choose from and see which plan is best for your business.

  • Data Syncing 

You must understand that most of the time you are not accessing your data directly through the storage provider. For example, Microsoft OneDrive for Business can sync with Microsoft Teams, a team messaging platform, and the SharePoint Online collaboration platform. Therefore, it is important to consider any associated third-party apps carefully before purchase. 

  • Accessibility is Key

The ability to access your data from multiple devices is a must. Some cloud file storage providers have plans that tend to have a limit in terms of access given. Moreover, you must check whether the software is supported by most, if not all, of the electronic devices used by you and your team.

  • Deep Security is preferable

Two-factor authentication and data encryption are features that are a must and should be the most basic security offered by the service provider of your choice, apart from any other layers of security they may offer exclusively in their service. You must also take into account the location of your service provider so that you have an understanding of Data and Privacy laws in their country of origin.

  • Compare across Providers

After all these other considerations, it is important to compare the features and services offered by several cloud storage providers. You must consider your budget and individual requirements of your business and then choose the best service provider for your company.

Conclusion If you have checked these points off of your list, you are set to go! QuantConnects provides a comprehensive solution to small businesses. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, QuantConnects can provide you with innovative cloud security or effective storage management services. The team of highly skilled professionals will go further to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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