3 Endpoint Security Problems Solved by the Cloud

Companies are facing massive cybersecurity challenges, most of which begin at the endpoint. With more and more security products creating more problems than they solve along with increasing cost and complexity, how are security staff and IT professionals supposed to keep up? Thankfully, with world-class solutions from QC cloud security endpoint, you can now keep your data safe and secure.

Endpoint security is often overlooked by a lot of brands but it is very crucial to your company and can help you in a lot of ways. Here are some of the ways that it can assist your organization.

  • Analysis and visibility

QC cloud security endpoint gives organizations analysis and the visibility they need to spot, respond and avoid security and compliance gaps that leave them vulnerable. This gives one view of security across a ton of environments and enables brands to immediately locate potential breach points and misconfigurations. This helps as if the reaction to detect this threat goes unnoticed or you get a delayed response, it could allow the potential hacker to gain access to your information and puts your clients’ data at risk too.  Detecting this quickly can give you a chance to act fast and protect your data and other important files you may have.

  • Block unauthorized access

It takes a hacker 52 seconds to identify public cloud workload and focus an attack. This cloud endpoint security immediately identified any suspicious logins, API calls, or any other calls that seem shared or that the attacker or remote user credentials are stolen. It has automated CI/CD pipeline compliance and security and can automatically scan infrastructure as code templates with a pipeline deployment based on QC cloud security assessment systems.

  • Giving an immediate response

QC shortens incident response time by acting fast and steering clear of cloud cyberattacks and compliance penalties. They provide integrated alert management, AI-fueled security analytics, and monitor the root cause on priority based on risk, and remediation support to security and compliance alerts. As well as give you real-time alert information when needed and build a complete structure of security awareness.

To Sum it Up Enterprise and business owners believe that anti-malware alone can solve their cybersecurity problems but it can handle only some issues. For other major threats and issues, your brand may face you need a professional endpoint security solution to take care of malicious data traffic, swelling threats, and third-party apps. And, handling these threats should become a top priority for your business and your IT security team overall. Ensure that you do your research and find a permanent solution that will help your business grow and succeed while protecting your clients’ and your brand information from any outside threats.

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